Paradise Camp Fire

Over the last few weeks, we've seen an influx of dishonest advertising designed to feed on fear in order to drive people to make hasty decisions about legal actions in response to the fire.

There is no reason to make people think that they have to hire a lawyer right away or they will somehow lose out to other claimants. Everyone will have their claims heard. There is NO benefit in retaining an attorney right away in almost all cases arising from this terrible fire.

Please carefully research any lawyer or law firm who is begging for your business, and especially those who are telling you to hurry to hire them.

I will continue to talk to anyone who has questions about this process, including issues such as:

  • Do you even need a lawyer?
  • Should you hire a lawyer to deal with your insurance claim?
    (No lawyer should be taking a percentage of your insurance money!)
  • What are the real timeframes that are important?
  • How much should a lawyer charge you?
  • Which firms can be trusted and which should be avoided?

If you have questions, please contact me at (530) 345-0885.




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